Monday, December 17, 2007

Pamela Anderson catches, releases Salmon

Wow, big shocker news today - Pamela Anderson filed for divorce from that Rick Salmon guy after just two months. It does make you wonder why she threw him back so soon. She barely had him in the boat.

Maybe Salmon got busted swimming upstream. Or maybe he just went after something like a spinner or shiner and got his mouth all tore up, then tried to act like it was nothing when he got home...


David Amulet said...

Hail, hail--the king has returned!!

I hadn't heard this news, but my shock level is about the same as it would be if I heard that Britney Spears got a DUI.

Welcome back.

-- david said...

OMG, she's such a skank! Now why can't she be Jamie Lynn Spears?

Welcome back!

BTW, the last three letters in my word verification thingy was "wcg". Sweet!

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