Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday Snapshot 1 - Motel 7

For your weekend viewing and discussion pleasure, I am unveiling a new weekly series in my blog where I will take photo(s) of area landmarks and post them here for your amusement. There is no shortage of this kind of thing around Minnesota. We're weirdos and we're proud of it.

On a trek back to NoDak, The Rockette and I stumbled across a motel along the way that caught our eyes: Motel 7 (which I'm assuming is one step up from Motel 6).

The marquee sign out front boasts Wi-Fi and HBO as well as 70 TV channels. If they would have said they had, say, 3 pop machines we would have so stayed there! But is that enough to fill those vacancies?

Motel 6's famous slogan is "We'll leave the light on for ya." My guess is Motel 7's would say "We'll leave the vibratin' bed runnin' for ya."

What slogan do you think would sell Motel 7? What amenities might it have that I forgot to mention?


:P fuzzbox said...

I am thinking the extra amenities are ribbed for her pleasure.

pure evyl said...

Here's a slogan for Motel 7.

What goes on at Motel 7 stays at Motel 7. Unless you get an STD.

Anonymous said...

Motel 7: seriously, folks, we have 30% less semen embedded in our mattresses!!!

Curare_Z said...

Perhaps: "Motel 7, if you want the light on it'll cost you an extra $10 a night."

David Amulet said...

NoDak: The prescription my doctor put me on after removing that odd growth from my genitals last week.

-- david

On My Watch said...

Motel 7: Where Hospitality Meets Homicide.

complimentary body bags and clorox.

The Phoenix said...

Well, it's still a step below Super 8.

golfwidow said...

Motel 6 is endorsed by Tom Bodett. I can only assume that Motel 7 is endorsed by Tom Cruise. (Hey, there's a sofa in the lobby - let me jump on it.)

phred said...

The Phoenix beat me to it.

David Amulet said...

I drove by a Motel 6 this weekend and thought of you. Not because of that tryst ... just this post.

-- david

Rocky said...

Thank you all for the great participation! Classic lines!

FUZZ - The entire place looked ribbed.

PURE EVYL - So every Motel 7 is like Vegas!

KURVES - Hilarious! But good point, those are the kind of stats that would attract lodgers.

CURAREZ - No doubt rising room cost to $19.99!

DAVID - Just count your blessings that you don't have to take SoDak, the medicine to combat ass ailments!

WATCHER - Very catchy!

PHOENIX - So true. Even if this place did a total remodel, it would only be a Motel 7.5 at best.

GOLF WIDOW - A celebrity pitchman would help.

PHRED - Maybe you can beat Phoenix to punch next time.

DAVID - I am humbled that you thought of me when you saw a Motel 6. Brings a tear to my eye.

Debbie Cakes said...

Motel 7, where the faucet drips and the toilet runs all night long.

Like this new segment, Rocky.

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Robbo said...

Reminds me of a visit to Wisconsin this year when we stayed at a motel and the person in the nearby room could be heard clearly. Anyway, the neighborlady gets on the phone at 4 a.m. and starts fucking screaming to her (boyfriend/pimp/ex) about how much she wanted to kick his ass out of the house. Odd thing, she was the one staying in a fricken motel. Her ramble went on for 30 minutes. Oh, and by the way, the laundry here is out the door, walk outside, in a door, up some stairs, out a door, outside again, walk the balcony, in a door and on the right.